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Seeking positions in Strategic Applications Development, Web Applications using standard technologies, Business Analysis, BPM and Learning Solutions.  Experienced throughout the Systems Development Lifecycle; capable of business analysis, requirements gathering, analysis and design, code, build, test, deploy, and training.  Delivers as an individual contributor, team member, leader and manager.  A professional speaker who effectively communicates ideas to groups of people.  Able to work across all levels of the Enterprise, horizontally and vertically. 




TOMCRAWFORD.COM, LLC.                                                               2008 – Present

Web Developer

Cox Communications, Inc.   (2/2011 - present)

·         Front end web developer for My Account Development Team.  Responsible for visual layouts and images, xhtml, CSS and JavaScript, JQuery, JSPs, Struts, linux and Windows using Notepad++ and Eclipse (JEE and CVS).  Interaction with backend developers and QA to ensure product meets design and functionality requirements.  

·         Principal front end developer for Broadworks Reskinning Effort. 

·         Front end developer for other telephony and computer applications being added to My Account  functionality.

·         Current contract committed through November 2011, possibility of extension.

Turner Entertainment and Sports       (2009)

·         Front end developer for 2009 version of NBA.com.   Responsible for page layout and graphic components, xhtml, CSS and JavaScript, and Section 508 compliancy.  Worked with backend developers to ensure proper interaction between data and presentation.   

·         Main developer for NBA TV Main Page, Schedule Page, Privacy Pages, and NBA League Pass.  Developed page content and graphics as well as interactions with subordinate pages.  Created multiple versions to cover the program’s life after my position’s demise.  Implemented content and navigation for NBA.com.  Led effort to publish statistical content for all 30 NBA teams for NBA preseason feature.  Developed Android mobile access capabilities.


IT Consultant / Mentor / Learning Solutions Provider    (2008 – present)

·         Contract instructor for Developmentor and Hands On Technology Transfer, with focus on Web Development, Java, RDBMS and SQL, and XML. (2008 – present)

·         Led effort to convert major Bank of America support organization to Java to support modernized software products. (2008)

·         Consultant for e-Learning initiative at GE Energy - Software Solutions Group. (2010)



Website/Social Media Consulting    (2010-11)

·         Provide website consulting for numerous startup ventures in the Public Speaking domain.

·         Develop business policies and processes for clients relating to the use of social media, corporate computing and communications resources.

·         Verify that process recommendations do not conflict with state and federal law regarding content carried over social networks.



ADVANCED CONCEPTS CENTER (LM & LLC)                                   1999 – 2008


Web Master / Web Developer

·         Webmaster for ACC Learning Solutions (2002 – 2008).

·         Conceived and produced AJAX-powered, database driven, fully interactive web-based Skills Analysis system for Business Analyst Product Line (xhtml, CSS, JavaScript, DOJO, MS-SQL).

·         Developed and implemented e-Commerce, partner and third-party sales capabilities.

·         Implemented SEO capabilities to greatly improve Search Engine responses.

·         Implemented hundreds of enhancements and improvements in navigation and appearance.

·         Created and maintained course set-up software download sites for all technical training courses.

·         Consulted, mentored and trained hundreds of web developers who develop sites for: Bank of America, American Express, The Home Depot, Lockheed Martin, Acxiom, and McKesson.

·         Assured content was Section 508 Compliant.


IT Consultant/ Mentor/ Learning Solutions Provider 

·         Design, develop and present Learning Solutions, produced in conjunction with customer’s IT strategies, conduct IT training sessions.  Programs focus on project management, Internet and web technologies, database access and usage, XML, Java, UNIX

·         Designed, developed and presented ACC’s first commercial e-learning courseware.

·         Developed and presented programs to numerous organizations in the US, Europe and Asia

·         Authored courseware for DHTML, XML, Java, UNIX programming, and AJAX.

·         Learning and Consulting Solutions developed for  Strategic Architecture processes, IT Infrastructure, Program and Project Management, Database Analysis and Design, OO Analysis and Design, Web Site Development and Programming (HTML,xhtml, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, AJAX, J2EE Web Tier, Struts), XML, Java, UNIX Fundamentals and Shell Scripting, SQL,  Business Analysis and Skills Analysis

·         Learning and Consulting Solutions delivered to and from numerous organizations, including:

·         Insurance ( Allmerica, NJM)

·         Finance (American Express, Bank of America, T. Rowe Price, Vanguard)

·         Gov’t (Freddie Mac, USAF, South Korean Defense Ministry)

·         Commercial (Acxiom, McKesson, Lockheed Martin, Chevron, Cognos, HP, The Home Depot)

·         Academic (Belmont University)


Business Analyst


·         Conducted Requirements Gathering tasks for ACC Learning Solutions Retail e-Commerce Capabilities.  Developed Use Cases and scenarios for subsequent design and deployment activities.

·         Gathered requirements, designed, developed and launched several third party capabilities with e-Commerce space.

·         Developed needs for Learning Solutions programs for Bank of America, American Express, Fortis Insurance, Federal Reserve Bank, McKesson Corporation, The Home Depot and Reliance Insurance.

·         Ascertained consulting and mentoring requirements for Bank of America, The Home Depot, Fortis Insurance and Reliance Insurance.




·         Worked with Bank of America to create a new Unified Architecture Process to better facilitate the creation and delivery of information systems and re-engineered procedures.


·         Developed for McKesson a new set of Business Processes for internal IT staff development to determine training needs, the location of training resources and the ability to connect resources with those that require them.


·         Developed Business Processes for a new Area of ACC Learning Solutions dealing with the proficiency assessment of Customer’s staff, determination of expertise gaps and recommended Learning Solutions.



QA TRAINING, INC.                                                                                      1996 – 1999


IT Consultant/ Mentor/ Learning Solutions Provider 

·         Consultant to Fortune 500 companies on strategies for transition to distributed computing models.

·         Working with Senior IT management, developed transition plans for move to distributed computing, as well as communication strategies explaining the technology transitions.

·         Lead Consultant for the development, delivery and follow-up of programs supporting the communications strategies for transitions to distributed computing architectures.  Referred to as “Sheep Dip”, programs were presented to everyone in Clients’ IT Organization. 

·         Created Project Management curricula supporting major Project Management rollout for Reliance Insurance.

·         Learning and Consulting Solutions delivered to and from numerous organizations, including:

·         Insurance (Kemper, Fortis, NJM, Reliance Insurance, Reliance National, US Life)

·         Finance (J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, Bankers Trust, Liberty)

·         Gov’t (DARPA, Federal Reserve)

·         Commercial (HBOC McKesson, Lockheed Martin, Zeneca, Northwest Airlines)


Business Analyst


·         Conducted Requirements Gathering activities for distributed computing transitions.

·         Needs Assessments facilitated for communication programs to explain technology transitions.

·         Worked with Director of IT Training at Reliance Insurance to elicit requirements for Project Management program education.

·         Produced needs assessments for programs at The Federal Reserve, US Life, Liberty (checks), Bank of America, Reliance Insurance.





SOUTHERN COMPANY                                                                                      1977 – 1995                                                   

IT Architecture (1990 – 1995)


Manager, The Architecture Group                                                                             

Project Manager, Information Resources Architecture                                                       

Manager, Applications and Data Architecture Implementation                                


·         Directed 30-person group to determine desired IT topologies, development and deployment methodologies, and selection of products to implement.

·         Created first integrated technology selection group within the Southern Company.  Actions resulted in selection of single IT architecture across eight operating units.

·         Laid groundwork for future and current architectural practices still in use today.

·         Spoke nationally and internationally about our IT Architectural success.

·         Provided leadership role in defining strategic IT architecture and application development processes for transition to multi-tiered computing paradigm. Defined corporate-wide services required of all applications and initiated efforts to provide those services. This was the pre-cursor to web-services and SOA.


Applications Development (1977 – 1983 / 1988 – 1990)


Client Manager, Revenue Employee and Marketing Services                                   

Supervisor, Engineering Systems                                                                               

Engineering Programmer                                                                                           


·         Managed the restructuring of Applications Development Organization (320 people, $50 million), reducing costs by over $2 million annually.

·         Directed programming group of 100 people with annual IS budget of over $25 million.

·         Developed and managed projects in Engineering, Finance, HR and Revenue that saved millions of dollars and provided competitive advantage through enhanced customer service.

·         Led team of Analysts in Data and Business Process Modeling efforts for new Human Resources and Payroll Systems for the Southern Company.  At the time, Southern Company was comprised of over 30,000 employees and contractors across more than eight operating entities in multiple states and countries.

·         In conjunction with operating companies, directed Business Process Modeling and improvement efforts in the areas of Revenue Accounting and Customer Service.  Efforts resulted in streamlined billing processes and over $20 million in annual savings.


IT Planning and Budgeting   (1983 – 1988)

Manager, Information Resources Planning                                                                


·         Directed group that managed $250+ million Information Resources Organization’s annual budget.  Efforts served as models for other business units.

·         Implemented on-line budget system providing interactive data entry and reporting capabilities, greatly simplifying annual budget process.

·         Initiated realignment of budget responsibilities and spending authorizations among the business units within the parent structure, which reduced actual expenditures by $3 million.



SOUTHERN ENGINEERING COMPANY OF GEORGIA                              1974 - 1977

Consulting firm specializing in providing services for the public electric power industry and municipalities.


Civil Engineer                                                                                                            

Computer Programmer           


UNITED STATES ARMY                                                                                      1971 - 1977

MOS: 12E20 (ADM Technician).  Served US Army Europe, Bamberg, Germany.  Discharged Honorably.





Master of Science of Civil Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

United States Army, Atomic Demolition Munitions School

US Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center





International Institute of Business Analysis

National Speakers Association – Georgia Chapter




Programming Languages: COBOL, FORTRAN, CICS, Java (SE & EE)**

Operating Systems: MVS, UNIX (Solaris, HP/UX, AIX)*, Linux (Numerous)*

Database: DB2*, Oracle, MS SQL Server**, Sybase, MySQL*, HSQLDB

Web Client: HTML**, CSS**, DHTML**, xhtml*, JavaScript**, Prototype, XML**, AJAX*, DOJO

Web Server: ASPs (JScript & VB Script)*, Java Servlets**, JSPs**, Struts**, Perl*, PHP, Drupal

XML: XML**, DTD**, XSLT**, XSL-FO*, XML Schema**, XQuery, DOM**, SAX**, JDOM **

Development Methodologies: Waterfall**, Iterative**, RAD**, Agile*, others

Analysis and Design:  Requirements Gathering*, Use Cases*, JAD**, RAD**, iRise, UML2, others

Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports*, VBA, sed*, awk*, SQL**, MS Office**

Development Platforms/IDEs: Eclipse*, WSAD/RAD*, MS FrontPage**, Dreamweaver* 

Other: Photoshop


*    - 5+ years experience

** - 10+ years experience