tomcrawford.com is a unique consultancy that strives to take a holistic approach to solving problems, be they business, technology or life related. While there may be a perfect solution to a problem, it may take too long to find, and is never the first solution tried.

Our business is grouped into three areas of expertise. The first is IT training. We teach a variety of topics in the foundational and intermediate areas for those organizations seeking to re-tool their current staff. These include Java, XML, Web Development, Relational Database Analysis, Design and SQL, and UNIX / Linux. Courseware is both transactional and customizable.

The second area is knowledge conveyance. This entails the dissemination of information to interested parties via appropriate means. The information is generally yours, the dissemination is customized to your information and message, and the means are via documents, presentations, seminars, courses, and web enablement.

The third area is presenting relevant topics to small, medium and large audiences. Topics may be client specific, client sponsored, or produced by us. Audience size is determined by a number of criteria.